You Can’t Outrun the Law, Son!

You’re going to need very quick reflexes to be a bandit, smokey!


They set up a speed trap and they’re pulling you over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Use your high performance sports car and outrun them! The cops are no match for you. Whatever you do, don’t wreck. They always catch you when you wreck!

Speed Trap controls are easy to understand but it takes a quick reflex to steer. To switch lanes, you simply tape the screen. To move right, tap the right side of the screen. To move left, tap the left side of the screen. Traffic comes fast so you’ll need to avoid the cars at all cost. If you don’t, the fuzz catches you and you get a hefty ticket.

Speed Trap is Game Center enabled. See how your distance and number of cars passed stack up against your friends and the rest of the law-breaking world!

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iPhone & iPad Gameplay Screenshots

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