Challenging & Fun

If it was easy, no one would like it. Its difficulty is what makes it fun.


Scribibble is an addictive hidden, unique five-letter word game. Scribibble selects a word from over 3,700 possible five-letter words and asks you to guess what word has been selected. You have twenty tries to guess which word it is. After each guess Scribibble tells you how many letters in your guess are correct. It is up to you to figure out which letters are right and which letters are wrong.

You have 2 “trays” at your disposal to aid you in your search. The “Known Letters” tray is where you can store letters you are sure are correct. Don’t worry, if you are wrong you are able to clear the slot. The “Alphabet Tray” is a list of letters that can be turned off when you know they are not in the hidden word. Again, the letters can be turned back on if you decide you have made a mistake.

Scribibble is a fun way to build your vocabulary. Let’s face it, do you know 3,700 five-letter words, all with unique letters? Probably not. Scribibble will make you think, hard, and along the way you will pick up a “bunch, or “hoard”, or “stack” of new words. (You get the idea)

iPhone & iPad Screen Shots

scribibble_screen_ipad_11 scribibble_screen_ipad_21 scribibble_screen_ipad_41 scribibble_screen_ipad_61 scribibble_screen_iphone_01 scribibble_screen_iphone_11 scribibble_screen_iphone_21 scribibble_screen_iphone_41