Run Silent. Run Deep.

The Bungo Straits are nowhere to be found. But fun is!


It may be clumsy but this sub is ready to put on a show. Navigate your sub up and down and make it through an obstacle course of rings. To drive it, you simply touch the screen to go down and release the screen to go up. However, it’s called clumsy for a reason: it’s not easy to control. But when you get the hang of it, it sure is a lot of fun.

Clumsy Sub is a “continuous play” game and never ends unless you surface the sub. Once you surface, your score will be saved and submitted to Game Center. You can’t lose so keep playing! Don’t worry about getting a phone call or pressing the Home button. An interruption does not end the game. You are safe to return and continue where you left off. So, run up that score!

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