We love what we do!

So you like to see behind the scenes stuff, huh? Well, if you must, take a peek over our shoulders at some of the items that go into making the games but are refined before making it into the games. That doesn’t make sense? Who cares, the odds of anyone reading this text still are slim. Most people are already scrolling down the page looking at some tasty concept art and have no idea that there is a rambling paragraph at the top of the page. I could say whatever I wanted here and no one would even know. Google’s bots are probably bypassing this text too. The Al Gore -ithm is probably smart enough to recognize annoying sentences and skip right over them. See what I did there? I put Al Gore in the sentence above instead of algorithm just in case the googlebot is reading this paragraph. Maybe it will help with our search engine optimization. He did have a very popular movie a few years back.

Mooggi Character Concept Art

Mooggi is a lovable monster character created to add some fun to learning math and playing with monotonous flash cards. He’s very pig-like and always is encouraging and happy.


What other color could Mooggi be but orange. Aren’t all mutant monster pigs orange? Well the ones we’ve seen are, I don’t know about you! He must use whitening strips too.


Let’s face it, we have no culture. We can barely spell it. Okay, maybe that is over simplifying things.

We believe that :

  • You are what you code
  • Software is only as good as the monkey that writes it
  • Cheese makes everything taste better
  • Bacon is the perfect vegetable