Learn Math Facts Fast!

You’ll be a math monster in no time with Mooggi Math Flash Cards.


Mooggi Math Flash Cards is a fun and easy way to carry a stack of flash cards in your pocket. Mooggi’s flash cards are designed to be configured and used by a child without the need for a parent’s intervention. They work just like paper flash cards: without usage of the keyboard to slow down your child’s learning. You control whether you want addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or any combination thereof. The range of numbers can be set from 9 to 99 making it flexible for multiple children to use or to grow with a child year after year. Settings can be modified during gameplay on demand.

There are two decks of cards to choose from: Flash Cards and Quiz Cards. Flash Cards are the classic “show and say” cards with the ability to check your answer. Quiz Cards require a correct answer before continuing to the next card. Both sets teach math facts and are certain to teach them fast!

Mooggi the monster is lovable and cute. He appears on every card to liven up a boring screen full of numbers. His expressive poses are there to make the cards fun but not interfere with the objective of learning math facts. Each answer is hidden until the child wants verification and is displayed right on the card at the touch of a button.

Keep checking back for more extras to play with when your child is not engrossed into the flash cards. Mooggi has created printable coloring pages and math facts practice sheets that are completely customizable. Set whether you want addition, subtraction, or multiplication and then the range of numbers to be used for each equation. If your child needs to practice math facts for a single number, just select the appropriate checkbox and each equation will contain that number. The page is automatically generated and printed (even with an answer key).

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