Speed Trap: Can’t Catch Me, Copper!

They set up a speed trap and they’re pulling you over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Use your high performance sports car and outrun them! The cops are no match for you. Whatever you do, don’t wreck. They always catch you when you wreck!

Speed Trap controls are easy to understand but it takes a quick reflex to steer. To switch lanes, you simply tape the screen. To move right, tap the right side of the screen. To move left, tap the left side of the screen. Traffic comes fast so you’ll need to avoid the cars at all cost. If you don’t, the fuzz catches you and you get a hefty ticket.

Speed Trap is Game Center enabled. See how your distance and number of cars passed stack up against your friends and the rest of the law-breaking world!

You Can’t Outrun the Law, Son!

You’re going to need very quick reflexes to be a bandit, smokey!


You can't outrun the law, son



Clumsy Blimp

Go through the ringsIt may be clumsy but this blimp is ready to put on a show. Fly your blimp up and down and make it through an obstacle course of rings. To fly it, you simply touch the screen to go up and release the screen to go down. However, it’s called clumsy for a reason: it’s not easy to control. But when you get the hang of it, it sure is a lot of fun.

Clumsy Blimp is a “continuous play” game and never ends unless you land the blimp. Once you land it, your score will be saved and submitted to Game Center. You can’t lose so keep playing! Don’t worry about getting a phone call or pressing the Home button. An interruption does not end the game. You are safe to return and continue where you left off. So, run up that score!

Led Zeppelin

Clumsy Blimp is easy to play but not easy to control. You must navigate your blimp through a maze of rings. Touch any portion of the ring and you fail. Touch and hold the screen to go up, release the screen to go down. Somewhere in between, you’ll be flying.
Play Clumsy Blimp



jumpie_main_pageSimple & Fun, Jumpie! is a game where the alien protects his land from monsters. As the monsters appear on the right, you must keep Jumpie in their way and destroy them by jumping into them. Just tap the screen to jump, but don’t fall off the screen or let a monster get by you, that’s game over.

Simple & Fun!

You have one job! Stop. The. Monsters! Keep your alien up by tapping the screen, when a monster invades, ram him! Gameplay for Jumpie! is simple. You’ll be addicted in no time and you can post your score the Game Center!
Play Jumpie!


Numbers Pizza

mooggi_pizzaMooggi is back! This time he is has a pizza shop and needs your help with his business. Numbers Pizza features 3 very fun games that your pre-k and kindergartener will love. You’ll love it to because it will help them learn numbers and counting.

Dive in to numbers and counting with Pizza Builder, Mushroom Challenge, and Toppings Counter. These games make learning fun and your child will have no idea that they are learning to count. Mooggi directs the action and kids shout out the numbers as you count. So let’s get started building pizzas and learn to count.

The Fun Way to Count

Kids would much rather have fun than learn. Numbers Pizza combines the two so you don’t need to find creative ways to teach them numbers and counting.



Robot Rage

large_white_robotThe world is not ours! In the year 2032, the robots rise and rule the earth. Ten years later they are fighting each other for our world and new worlds discovered in the universe. The human race has teamed up with the white robots to eradicate the gray robots from the earth. In return they have agreed to leave us with our home and rule the rest of the universe.

Your job is to hurl the robots through the air and destroy the enemies hiding within their structures. You have five different robots at your disposal—each with their own special abilities. Once in the air, tap the screen to alter their properties and make for a more effective throw. But make sure you do before they hit something and damage their internal computer rendering thier abilities unusable.

Robotic Mayhem

Enjoy 90 levels of robotic rage spanning six worlds. Keep in mind, your ally robots may have special abilities, but so do your enemy robots. You’ll need to use strategy, skill, and let’s face it, a little luck.



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